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Captain's Log 2013.02.26

The last lingering things I need to do to make B-T Zone fully up to date:
1. update releases: include tab books? at least add the fish tank only videos to fan club merch page
2. history: possible rescan very early years (can't find the photos, haven't looked again)

I added the Fish Tank only videos to the Fan Club merchandise listings as well as the Fish Tank 15th Anniversary tote bag. There's some merchandise from tours that may be missing. I will have to check my little folder of pictures to sort.

I am working on adding the tab books to the releases.

Those old photos I would like to re-scan, well it will be awhile until I find them if ever. I have other stuff to do besides tear apart the house.

I threw away some pop idol photos I've been holding onto since I was a kid. Need room for B-T stuff. I kept them in the same photo album that I keep B-T photos bought in Harajuku and after concerts. I recently threw away clippings of that pop idol too. Not sure why I was holding onto that stuff for so long!